From the moon rocks (the real ones, anyway) that were brought back by various missions, which turned out to be partly material from Earth, our scientists learned that our moon was created when a fast moving space rock knocked off a piece of the Earth and sent it into orbit. Now they think the same process created Mars biggest moon Phobos.

Earlier theories posited that planet moons originated when passing asteroids were “captured” by the planet’s gravity. BBC News quotes researcher Marco Giuranna as saying, “We detected for the first time a type of mineral called phyllosilicates on the surface of Phobos, particular in its largest impact crater. This is very intriguing as it implies the interaction of silicate materials with liquid water on the parent body prior to incorporation into Phobos.” These phyllosilicate rocks have also been found on Mars and they only form in the presence of water, (which is why Mars may be a habitable planet) that we may be able to colonize in the future.

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