Life could have arisen on the earth earlier than scientists previously thought, which means that it’s more likely to be on other planets as well. A Canadian author says she has video of the ET contacts she writes about in her new book. And a recent survey of 1,000 Americans reveals that most of them really do think that ETs are out there somewhere, even if they aren’t here yet (or are they?).

Newswire Today reports that Paula Thorneycroft has written a book about her UFO contacts titled Eye to the Sky: A Paranormal Odyssey, which will be published in December. She substantiates her claims of contact with an amazing half hour of video, filmed over two consecutive evenings. In the the last 5 minutes, we see a large craft, as well as smaller objects that seem to morph from solid to light-based. Scientists think it’s more likely that there is life on other planets, since by studying the isotopes in ancient rocks, they have discovered that the oxygen needed for life to exist may have been generated on the earth much earlier than they thought before.

Scientists used to think that photosynthetic (sun-activated) microbes helped oxygenate the planet around two billion years ago, paving the way for life. Oxygen was rare in earth’s atmosphere before then. Geochemist Hiroshi Ohmoto now says that the earth’s atmosphere has actually been oxygenated for closer to 3 billion years.

In, Charles Q. Choi quotes Ohmoto as saying, “‘When did the Earth’s atmosphere become oxygenated?’ has been an important question for Earth scientists and biologists, because this question is closely linked to those related to the biological evolution on Earth and other planets.”

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