UPDATE – A little over a year ago we reported on the mysterious cryptozoological creature known as the Elmendorf Beast. We interviewed a Texas veterinarian who actually saw it. Now the Beast is back?in Maine. Or did it ever really go away?

Yahoo news and breitbart.com both report that a Canadian lab is doing DNA tests on a strange wolf-like creature that has been stalking the woods of Maine for 15 years. When one of these creatures was hit by a car recently, it gave scientists a chance to have DNA testing done. Crytozoologist Loren Coleman says, “I don’t think the one found by the road is a cryptid, but a feral dog (and DNA tests confirmed what I said in that vein). But the reported ‘Mystery Beast’ that everyone thought it solved is a cryptid still out there in the woods.”

To read more of Coleman’s comments on the Beast, click here and here.

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