A U-shaped object has been videotaped over Lewisham, near London, in broad daylight by British UFO investigator Christopher Martin. The tape was made in excellent daylight weather conditions on July 1, 2001 and has been presented to Ian Birdsall and Russell Callaghan of the British UFO Magazine.

The object could be some kind of construction of terrestrial origin, but it certainly is not anything ordinarily seen in the skies. In this sense, it is reminiscent of the “platform UFO” taped over Salida, Colorado by Tim Edwards in 1993 and shown on television worldwide. The Edwards UFO was never explained.

Christopher Martin has taped some of the most famous UFO footage made over the British Isles. In general, multiple witnesses are able to observe the objects during taping, making hoax an unlikely explanation.

The British Civilian Aviation Authority has been asked to provide an explanation for the object, but so far has not offered one. As reported on Unknowncountry.com, British researcher Ian Birdsall has recently obtained CAA records revealing that there have been 30 airliner near misses with UFOs in the UK in recent years.

To the naked eye, the object did not appear to be an assembly of balloons, or any normal object at all.

The video can be viewed on the UFO Magazine website by entering from the link above, then click on “Click Here to Enter Site” then on “Enter Site,” then on the Christopher Martin graphic.

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