…and between blacks & whites – We know that the reason blacks get sicker than whites can be partially traced to environment. So maybe we ought to improve their environments!

Scottish researchers have discovered that just a small amount of greenery?trees, bushes and flowers?planted around places where poor people live, can improve their health. Small parks dotted around inside big cities can provide the same function.

BBC News quotes researchers Richard Mitchell from and Frank Popham as saying, “The implications of this study are clear?environments that promote good health might be crucial in the fight to reduce health inequalities.”BBC quotes environmentalist David Tibbatts as saying, “The study confirms what we have been saying for many years?parks are important for health and everyone should have access to high quality, beautiful and vibrant green spaces.” BBC quotes environmentalist Barbara Maher as saying, “Urban and roadside trees may be an under-used resource both in terms of acting as natural ‘pollution monitors’ and actively screening people, especially, children and the already ill, from the damaging health effects of particle pollution.”

Art credit: freeimages.co.uk

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