The Sunday Express in England says Osama bin-Laden has been located and is surrounded by U.S. special forces in a mountainous area bordering Pakistan and Afghanistan. They say bin-Laden has been “sighted” for the first time since 2001 and is being monitored by a National Security Agency satellite. They received the information from “a well-placed intelligence source” in Washington, who said, “He is boxed in.” Bin-Laden is hiding in rough terrain where it’s impossible to stage a conventional military assault. He’s also surrounded by bodyguards. The paper says bin-Laden and his men “sleep in caves or out in the open. The area is swept by fierce snow storms howling down from the 10,000 foot high mountain peaks. Donkeys are the only transport?U.S. helicopters already sited on the Afghanistan border will swoop in to extricate him.” Special forces are “absolutely confident” they will get him and are waiting for orders. “The timing of that order will ultimately depend on President Bush,” the paper says. “Capturing bin-Laden will certainly be a huge help for him as he gets ready for the election.”

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