The Evening Herald in Plymouth, England is calling this photo the best picture of a UFO ever taken. There have also been other excellent photos taken recently, both in the daytime and at night.

The amateur photographer who took the Plymouth photo was trying out his new digital camera. As is so often the case, he didn’t know he’d photographed a UFO until he saw the finished photo.

UFO researcher Bob Boyd says, “It’s the real thing.” The Royal Navy has asked the Herald to let them study the photos. A Plymouth City Airport spokesman says it’s “highly unlikely” this is a photo of an airplane.

The Plymouth photo may be real, but there are some really bad hoaxes out there. This one, which is supposed to be a dead alien, looks like a burned Barbie doll laid out on a tablecloth.

Despite the hoaxes, there are real secrets to be discovered in this world. And Linda Howe reveals a dark secret about the Mad Cow situation, when she interviews Mad Cow expert Giuseppe Legname. If you like mysteries, don’t miss this week’s Dreamland!

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