Our cell phones are tracking us and spying on us–are they doing anything GOOD? Well, they may be delivering some good sex.

Vibrators are now sold in your local drug store, but you don’t need to buy one–you can buy an iphone app that will do the job instead. In the April 21st edition of the New York Times, Hilary Howard reports that Suki Dunham, a former business manager for Apple, has created a line of vibrators that synchronize rhythmically with iPods, iPads, iPhones and other smartphones.

People who worry about what ELSE cell phones may be doing to their bodies should know that electromagnetic radiation from cellular phones may adversely affect your bones (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show), especially if (as many men do) you wear your phone on your belt. Researcher Fernando D. Sravi measured bone density at the left and right hip in two groups of healthy men: 24 men who did not use cell phones and 24 men who carried their cell phone in a belt pouch, on the right side, for at least one year. With the rapid growth in cell phone use, any significant effect on bone strength could have a substantial effect on the osteoporosis rate in the population. Sravi wants to test women next, who have higher rates of osteoporosis, and also children, who would have longer expected lifetime exposure to cell phones.

People DO report having sex with "aliens." Some people are turned on by this, but most are just baffled by when they find themselves "performing." Whitley Strieber reported on this problem in his book Transformation. At our Dreamland Festival in June, we won’t ban cell phones, but we WILL ask you turn them off during the talks of some of the fascinating folks who will be speaking there!

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