The Himalayas have the Yeti, Indonesia has the Orang-Pendek, the Pacific Northwest has Bigfoot. But there is no crypto-primate quite like Florida’s Skunk Ape.

The skunker is famous not only for a smell so powerful that it has been known to drive even swamp fishermen who have not bathed since childhood to crazed flight, it is also known for raising a riot (and a few other things) during its mating season.

According to RV Park owner David Shealy of Ochobee, Florida, two visiting Swedish ladies have found out just what skunker mating season can mean–the hard way.

They were peacefully fishing when they smelled something unpleasant. Then they heard growls, and soon discovered a skunk ape in some bushes near their rental car. The ape was in a visible state of sexual excitement.

It remained nearby for a short time, sniffing the air in a strange manner. Once it had departed, the two ladies got in their car and, as Mr. Shealy put it, “left in a huff.”

Presumably, they are now back in Sweden. If you want to read more about this story, click on the link below, but be warned that it contains a graphic description of the ape’s sexual state, so if that sort of thing offends you, don’t push the button.

No need to trek the Himalayas?there are lots of mysterious critters right here in the U.S.A.

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