Hackers not only hit the UFO Internet Conference, they?ve gotten into the White House as well.

The barrage came from Chinese hacker groups that made coordinated attacks on U.S. websites in an anti-American protest, knocking out the government internet for 2 hours. ?The internet service provider was clogged due to an enormous amount of data sent to the White House website,? said spokesman Jimmy Orr.

The attack came after a Chinese hacker group posted instructions on how to download and use a ?flood? tool and called for it to be used against White House and CIA sites, according to the Virginia-based security firm iDefense. ?We didn?t notice a significant impact on [the CIA] site,? says iDefense spokesman Michael Cheek.

The hackers said their attacks were planned to coordinate with Qingnian Jie, or Youth Day, on May 4, a Chinese national holiday.

After the crash of our spy plane, there has been speculation about a war with China. Maybe future wars will be fought on the internet, and this is the opening shot.

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