Over the past few days, probably because of so much unsettled and unusual weather, internet rumors have suggested that the High Frequency Active Auroral Resarch Program at Gakona, Alaska has been operating at very high energy output levels. One such story even claims that the HAARP array caused a “rift in space-time” on March 4.

These rumors cannot be confirmed, and HAARP officials claim that the array is not being operated in any unusual manner at all. However, a substantial amount of classified research takes place at the array, as a result of which official statements may or may not be accurate.

HAARP is designed to heat small areas of the earth’s ionosphere, and has come under criticism from environmental activists because of a claimed lack of environmental oversight and limited knowledge of how the instrument may affect the ionosphere.

HAARP’S website claims that “HAARP has complied with regulatory oversight requirements beginning with the initial phases and continuing today with the construction and engineering evaluation.”

A number of federal agencies provide active review of HAARP activities.

Criticism of HAARP goes beyond environmental concerns, and extends to assertions that the array is a much more powerful instrument than the Air Force claims, and that it is a prototype for devices that will be capable of weather modification. A book by Dr. Nick Begich, Angels Don’t Play This HAARP, makes a powerful case that the technology is capable of serious disruptions to the upper atmosphere and has not been properly tested. In an article in Nexus Magazine, Dr. Begich described his analysis of US military documents that convinced him that “HAARP aims to learn how to “exploit the ionosphere for Department of Defense purposes”. To view the HAARP array in realtime, click here.

For the official HAARP homepage, click here.

For Dr. Begich’s HAARP information, go to Earthpulse Press.

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