Recently, some scientists have been claiming that the Gulf Stream is more stable than thought, but there is now additional evidence that it is weakening. The Gulf Stream’sflow turned south in early May, and continued moving southward through May 15. By May 22, it was beginning to show signs of recovery, however what had been one of the hottest springs on record in the British Isles has been transformed into a cold and wet beginning ofJune. Is this simply normal for the area, or did the changein the stream’s flow cause it? The animation here shows both the presentfailure and the one we reported on at the end of December, which almost certainly led tosevere weather not only in Europe, but across the entire northern hemisphere.The present anomaly was too short lived to provide a clearrelationship, but it is also true that these dramaticsoutherly turns of the stream are not commonplace. In theyears that Unknowncountry has been watching the Gulf Stream,the December 2006 and May 2007 anomalies are the only two wehave observed.

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