Green is good: We know that asparagus can help you get over a hangover. Now it turns out that other green vegetables can help protect you from heart disease.

Heart attacks are often caused by fatty plaques that build up in the arteries the reduce the blood flow to the heart. However, arties don’t all get clogged up in the same way: Just like your kitchen sink, places where the arteries curve or bend are likely to get clogged up with plague before other areas. A protein in green vegetables called Nrf2 can help reduce these clogs, and even clear them out (kind of like Roto Rooter for the body).

BBC News quotes researcher Paul Evans said as saying, “We found that the innermost layer of cells at branches and bends of arteries lack the active form of Nrf2, which may explain why they are prone to inflammation and disease. Treatment with the natural compound sulforaphane reduced inflammation at the high-risk areas by ‘switching on’ Nrf2. Sulforaphane is found naturally in broccoli, so our next steps include testing whether simply eating broccoli, or other vegetables in their ‘family,’ has the same protective effect.”

If you don’t like broccoli, maybe you can transform it into something you like better? You can be glad about one thing: Chocolate is good for you too. We can pass around the candy bars at our Stargate Conference in October, and maybe even use them to lure some Grays. Come meet your favorite Dreamland folks in person!

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