During the 1948-1952 UFO flap, green fireballs kept appearing over the western U.S. These were officially classified as meteors, and appeared in the same general area of the country as the green fireball that was seen last weekend in the West. Many UFO investigators have speculated about a possible connection between the green fireballs and the high number of UFO sightings that took place during the same time period.

Residents of Utah, Colorado and southern Wyoming saw the fireball Sunday at 7:30 pm, and witnesses say it had a long tail of green, orange and purple flames. “People said it had a 500-foot tail and it was huge, like a meteor, and green and orange,” says Colorado sheriff dispatcher Kristy Lee.

It wasn?t space junk burning up, because no manmade objects fell from space Sunday night, according to Major Ed Thomas, of the North American Aerospace Defense Command, which tracks satellites and space debris. He says, “We don’t have a mission to track meteorites, but that’s got to be what it is.”

Some people called local police and said a plane had just crashed. About 10 officers from three counties in Utah responded to the calls and searched for wreckage.

A similar object was seen streaking across the sky in the U.K. on Sunday morning. Its passage was followed by a bright flash which lit up the sky. One witness says, “All of a sudden I’ve seen this light streak across the sky…the front of the light was much larger than what you would call the tail.”

It was seen by BBC reporter Ben Godfrey, who says, “It was reminiscent of a meteor you might see in a film…it was huge.”

A meteorite so big that it caused an earth tremor crashed into Siberia on Thursday. It looked to local residents like a large ball of fire streaking across the sky. There were no reports of casualties from the meteorite, which fell in a remote area of forest. Nearby villagers felt a slight earth tremor as the meteorite crashed to earth.

The largest meteorite ever to hit the Earth in human history also occurred in Siberia, in 1908, when it flattened over 2,000 square miles of forest in the Tunguska region.

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