Whitley Strieber received a call from Peter Davenport, Director of the National UFO Reporting Center, strongly objecting to the notion that the strange case of a possible murder by UFO in Pennsylvania should be confirmed as a hoax.

Mr. Davenport pointed out that NUFORC had made extraordinary efforts to resolve the case, and he felt that there were significant indications that something very strange did indeed befall the decedent, Todd Sees, who was found dead in a woods near his home on August 5, 2002.

There was a mini-UFO flap going on in Pennsylvania at the time of the incident, including a case of an individual in Sharon, Pa, who reported that she had seen a UFO while leaving work on August 13, and experienced two hours of missing time. During the month of August, a total of 12 sightings were reported to NUFORC from Pennsylvania. Some of these were probably meteors, satellites and simple mistakes, but some of the reports suggest genuine unknowns were operating in the area.

Mr. Davenport asserts that there are numerous unanswered questions about the case of Todd Sees, and that, taken together, suggest that it remains a mystery.

Specificially, there are the following issues:

Point Township police chief Gary Steffen stated that Mr. Sees’ body was so badly decomposed that it could not even be viewed by the family. And yet, dogs that gained the scent from the missing man’s offroad vehicle could not track him, even though he was only a few hundred yards away. This is doubly strange, because Mr. Sees was found in his underwear and barefoot, meaning that his scent would have been strong. But the scent on Mr. Sees vehicle led nowhere.

In addition to leaving no scent trail, Mr. Sees left no tracks around his vehicle, and there was no sign of his having pushed his way into the inaccessible area where he was found, despite the fact that it was dense undergrowth. Mr. Sees was allegedly found with a tag on his arm that has not been explained. A dead rattlesnake was found near the body, but did not appear to have been killed by Mr. Sees.

Additionally, local residents have said that individuals believed to be FBI agents were at the scene where Mr. Sees body was discovered. The FBI has denied involvement. Chief Steffen has refused to confirm or deny the presence of federal investigators.

The family was never allowed to view Mr. Sees’ body. He was buried in a sealed coffin.

To read the National UFO Reporting Center’s update, click here.

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