We hear a lot of bad news, but there is some GOOD news too: scientists have found a cure for baldness AND they’ve discovered that chocolate may be more effective than fluoride in fighting cavities.

Researcher Arman Sadeghpour has discovered that an extract of cocoa powder that occurs naturally in chocolates, teas, and other products might be an effective natural alternative to fluoride in toothpaste. This will be the first major innovation to commercial toothpaste since manufacturers began adding fluoride to toothpaste in 1914.

More than 30% of men start going bald before they reach old age. In the Independent, Jeremy Laurance reports that “scientists have found a way to regenerate hair follicles which may lead to a cure for baldness. By reawakening genes once active only in developing embryos, they have stimulated cells in the skin to grow new hair follicles.”

The US company behind this research is called Follica. We have no information about what form this treatment will take, whether it will be administered by a physician or applied topically like Rogaine. MORE good news: its creators say that their new medicine will be able to remove acne scars as well.

Art credit: freeimages.co.uk

Bald men can not only regrow hair, but they can brush their teeth with chocolate? Don’t ever tell us that our news is all depressing. But good or bad, we always bring you INTERESTING information. And if you LOVE chocolate, don’t miss Anne Strieber’s fabulous Splenda cocoa recipe. Make sure we’ll still be here the next time you fire up your computer: subscribe today!

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