Finally, some good news about the environment: the ozone hole over the Antarctic is closing and may disappear by the year 2050 because of the reduction in emissions of ozone-depleting gases.

What does ozone do for us, anyway? It protects us from excess radiation from the sun. The magnetic shield around the earth does the same thing, but this may be disrupted as the poles shift magnetic positions (something that happens regularly and is in progress right now), so we need a sound ozone layer.

However, there are still old refrigerators and air conditioners being used, mainly in the US and Canada, that give off high levels of ozone-destroying fluorocarbons. While these types of appliances are now illegal, there are still old ones in use.

It’s the same question that comes up with older vehicles and SUVs, which release higher levels of greenhouse gases?wouldn’t it be cheaper, in the long run, just to replace these?

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