One of the greatest tragedies of the Iraq War may turn out to be that we spent so much energy and money on fighting an unnecessary war abroad, while we should have been concentrating on the climate emergency here at home. Now it may be too late.

Global temperatures are dangerously close to the highest ever in the past million years. NASA satellite images of the Arctic reveal large cracks in the ice cover.

In, Sara Goudarzi quotes NASA’s James Hansen as saying, “This evidence implies that we are getting close to dangerous levels of human-made pollution.”

She quotes meteorologist Alan Robock as saying, “It’s certainly the warmest it’s been in the last couple of thousand years.”

The ice cracks are particularly ominous because global warming shows up first at the higher latitudes near the poles. This is because as the earth warms, snow and ice melt, revealing bare land and darker ocean areas, which do not reflect sunlight back into the atmosphere the way the snow and ice that once covered them did, but absorb it instead.

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