Don’t miss Anne Strieber’s fascinating subscriber interview with Colm Kelleher about Alzheimer’s Disease this week! Could the obesity epidemic in the US that is fueled by corn ALSO be the cause of the incredible rise in Alzheimer’s Disease? New studies have found that cutting down on carbohydrates and drinking red wine may stave off the memory-stealing disease that everyone dreads.

A new study directed by Mount Sinai School of Medicine extends and strengthens the research that what you eat might halt or even reverse symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD). The researchers are studying calorie restriction, especially restriction of carbohydrates. Restricting calorie intake may prevent AD by triggering activity in the brain that leads to a longer life.

You may not think you eat a lot of carbohydrates?especially not in the form of corn?but if you’re one of the millions of Americans who regularly drink soft drinks, you’re ingesting corn in the form of high-fructose corn syrup, which has replaced sugar in all almost all American sodas and is also used in many processed foods. Sweeteners added to sports beverages and juice drinks are particularly troubling because many people think those drinks are healthful.

High fructose corn syrup was developed because (especially since the Cuban embargo) the US has too little sugar and due to our outdated policies of agricultural support, TOO MUCH corn. Once again, the government’s policies, including uncritical support of big business, are leading to devastating disease.

So what SHOULD we drink? Wine! Especially one specific wine. A new study shows that drinking Cabernet Sauvignon may help reduce the incidence of (AD).

Alzheimer’s researcher Dr. Giulio Maria Pasinetti says, “The findings offer a glimmer of hope that there may someday be a way to prevent and stop this devastating disease in its tracks.”

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