Global Warming has made the Earth greener over the past 18 years, as plants get more heat, light, water and carbon dioxide. This means that while global warming is destructive for some parts of the world?causing floods, droughts or heat waves?it may be beneficial for others.

Not every place has become greener: about 7% percent of the Earth had lower plant growth. “The biggest winners seem to be India, Brazil and Canada,” says researcher Ramakrishna Nemani. “Losers are parts of Mexico and northern Siberia. The most surprising result is that of the Amazon.” The Amazon rain forest had more than 40% increased plant growth, since the reduced cloud cover let in more sunlight.

Researcher Ranga Myneni says,”[Plant] productivity may have increased 6% in the last 18 years, but human population has increased by over 35% over that same time. These?changes have not improved global habitability in any significant way.”

We know there’s been global warming in the past, and it would help us cope with the future if we could learn more about this. Scientists are now looking for 5,000-year-old Sumerian tablets in Iraq that may tell us about weather patterns in the ancient past. Experts say they’re “the longest single, largely-unbroken climate record known on earth.”

U.K. Foreign Minister Bill Rammell says, “Foreign Office officials have spoken to Professor Richard Grove at the University of Sussex who is a leading expert on these issues. He has explained that these tablets date back to 2900 BC and are thought to be the oldest scripts in the world. He has said that these tablets contain important data on climatic events of the time and are of huge importance to developing our understanding of climate change today and that it was vital efforts were made to find and secure these treasures.”

We shouldn’t talk about global warming as either good or bad, real or fake. It’s here now and what it represents is: Change.

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