Scientists have discovered that city birds are smarter than country birds. Global warming may already be driving some species into extinction. BUT some birds are a lot SMARTER than others, and THEY may survive. And new discoveries indicate that birds may use ley lines to navigate.

City birds seem to have an advantage over rural birds, because they are adaptable enough to survive in a much larger range of conditions. These are the birds that may make it through climate change. Biologist John Wingfield says, “Urban habitats aren’t easy, so the birds have to have developed coping mechanisms.”

In, Dave Mosher writes that birds may “see” the earth’s magnetic field, using sensitive cells located inside their beaks. He quotes biologist Henrik Mouritsen as saying, “If you look into the brain of a bird [while it is flying]? only the visual system is highly active. Other regions of the brain are not, so birds could use vision to ‘see’ Earth’s magnetism and orient themselves.

“Birds also use the sun and stars to navigate, but we’re not certain how. How do they compute all of this information and end up with a direction to fly in? There are so many steps in this process we simply don’t know about.”

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