Climatologists are getting ready to issue a new report that says global warming will be a more gradual process than the researchers who predict sudden climate change say it will be. But that may not be accurate.

Researchers are frantically trying to figure out how severe climate change will become in the future. Ice specialist Lonnie Thompson says the new report does not take into account the dramatic melting of ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica. In, Seth Borenstein quotes him as saying, “I think there are unpleasant surprises as we move into the 21st century.”

The British are especially concerned about global warming, since their country is one of the places that will feel the effects the most (in the US, serious effects of global warming are already being seen in Alaska). In the Independent, Steve Connor writes, “The effects of man-made emissions of carbon dioxide are being felt on every inhabited continent in the world with very different parts of the climate now visibly responding to human activity.” That’s what is happening RIGHT NOW.

New York, which usually has cold winters with plenty of snow, has been unusually warm this year. Unusually warm weather has been common in other cities across the US and Europe this winter. In, Ker Than quotes meteorologist Michael Mann, who compares the weather changes to rolling dice, as saying, “As warm winters become more prevalent, we can’t say that that particular one was due to climate change, but what we can see is that sixes are coming up more often than they should be.”

Than quotes NASA scientist Gavin Schmidt as saying, “Global warming is like, year on year, giving a small push toward warmer winters.”

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