The White House seems haunted lately. ?I?ve been here 11 years and I?ve never seen anything like it,? says Vickie Agler, a former legislator who now serves as assistant to the House speaker. ?There are some bizarre things going on.?

There has been a drug bust on the Capitol steps and a flasher roaming the grounds. Senator Ken Chlouber?s 1998 black Chevy half-ton pickup truck, decorated with flames on each side, was stolen from the state Capitol parking lot, right under the eyes of the State Patrol and security cameras.

In the midst of all this, lawmakers have been menaced by a special-interest group that has threatened to bring a guillotine to the Capitol. This group, led by a nurse named Betty James, is protesting for more civil rights. In a recent phone message to House Speaker Doug Dean, James demanded an ?immediate display in the rotunda of the people?s last resort: the guillotine.?

She even called the State Patrol, which is in charge of security at the Capitol, and asked them the best way to bring a guillotine into the statehouse. ?I wanted to give them a heads-up,? James says. Officials told her she can?t bring it at all.

?People are becoming more dramatic, trying to make a bigger statement,? says State Patrol Captain Doug Shelton.

The strangest occurrence is the return of one of the Capitol?s legendary ghosts. The night janitors report seeing it floating in the ornate lobby outside the Senate. They describe her as an older woman in a hood, dressed in black, with her arms crossed. ?I have no idea who she is,? says Ron Enriquez. ?I was shocked. I was scared.?

Senator Ed Perlmutter says, ?I think I’ll stay here late one night and see if she shows up.?

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