The Supreme Court in Germany has recently ruled in favor for the release of the results of a study into UFOs that was conducted by the German government, that has, until now, been legally suppressed by policy makers.

The document in question, “UFOs, the search for extraterrestrial intelligence and Germany’s implementation UN-Resolution A/33/426", was produced by Germany’s parliamentary “Scientifical Service,“ as commissioned by the Bundestag, Germany’s Parliament. While the document was available to a number of journalists, it was illegal to publish it’s contents to the public.

In 2010 Exopolitik Deutschland sought a court order to have permission to publish the paper in full, and initially won, however the Bundestag had that decision stayed on appeal. The case eventually reached the Federal Administrative Supreme court of Germany, of which has ruled in favor of Exopolitik Deutschland’s move to publish the report.

The report itself contains no information on any secret UFO issues, however there one telling statement included in the report: “as so many other countries, neighboring and allied state did and in parts still do conduct official research programs into UFOs (like France, the USA, UK or Canada…) it should be assumed that the German government and its bodies and institutions should also have official interest into the phenomenon.” This statement is in direct contradiction of repeated claims that the German government has no interest in studying the UFO phenomenon, and isn’t conducting any research in to the subject.

This court ruling also extends to other suppressed reports produced by the Scientifical Service, of which have been denied public access due to political inconvenience to the parties that commissioned them in the first place.

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