A study of gay sheep shows that homosexuality is probably genetic. Rams that prefer male sexual partners have distinct differences in a part of the brain called the hypothalamus. This region is usually twice as large in rams as in ewes, but in gay rams it’s almost identical in size to that in “straight” females. The hypothalamus regulates the release of sex hormones and controls many types of sexual behavior.

These differences are almost identical to those identified in gay men by neuroscientist Simon LeVay. His work is considered controversial because the brains he studied came from men who died of AIDS, so it wasn?t clear if the differences were due to homosexuality or the disease.

Besides humans, sheep are the only animal where the males sometimes have exclusively gay sexual preferences, and as many as one in 10 rams can prefer other males.

Psychiatrists have never found a successful method of turning gays into straight sexual partners. Since all living beings are programmed to reproduce their species, gayness has to be an aberration; yet it?s so common, it must be some sort of ?natural? aberration. Perhaps it?s a check on overpopulation or a way of providing extra caregivers to help parents with the all-consuming, long-lasting care that human babies require. If homosexuality is shown to be genetic, we can stop arguing about it and start finding out what role it?s meant to play?which is the really fascinating study.

There are some things we can change and some we can?t, but Joseph Chilton Pearce says we can change our physical bodies in order to become more spiritual beings and tells how to do it in ?The Biology of Transcendence,? click here.

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