Ecologists think that the mythical Garden of Eden talked about in the Bible may have been located in the marshlands of Iraq. The marshes are now home to the native Ma’dan marsh dwellers, as well as many species of migrating waterfowl and game fish. Drainage of the wetlands as well as toxic contamination over the last twenty years devastated as much as 90% of the marshlands. Marsh dwellers are hoping that, together with the new Iraqi government and Coalition forces, they will be able to change their lives.

Just as the Southwest states and Mexico compete for Colorado River water, in Iraq, there are competing claims for water flowing from the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers. This water is used for irrigation, industry, and hydropower.

No matter what you think about the Iraq war?and whether we should be there or not?there is one thing that everyone agrees on: The sooner Iraq can become a viable economic entity, the sooner our troops can leave.

Iraq would call itself a nation under God, but what about the US? William Henry’s new DVD has some surprising answers to that question. If you like surprises, and hate seeing the same old news every day, support so we?ll be here for you tomorrow!

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