New biofuels technology can turn virtually any fat source, including vegetable oils and animal fat, into fuel to power jet airplanes. Soon we may not just be recycling or glass, paper and cans, we’ll be recycling our cooking oil as well!

Researcher William Roberts says, “We can take virtually any lipid-based feedstock, or raw material with a fat source?including cooking grease?and turn it into virtually any fuel. And we’re not competing directly with the food supply, like ethanol-based fuels that are made from corn.” The current emphasis on ethanol has raised food prices in countries like Mexico, which are dependent on corn. There is no soot or particulate matter associated with fuel from fats, so it helps reduce pollution.

One business that is really interested in this process is aviation. Last year, for the first time ever, fuel costs in the aviation industry exceeded labor costs.

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In the past, people may not have needed jet fuel to fly to the stars!

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