Back in the saddle, doing live radio – In her latest diary, Anne Strieber writes: “We recently did a live Coast to Coast AM radio show again, after a hiatus of many years.”

Everything was pretty much the same, except for what she calls “the fox in the hen house” which she says is “a dangerous precedent for America.” In Whitley’s new journal, we learn that HE was appalled by the Fox “newscast” as well! He writes: “…The purpose of news programming is to present news, not to promote ideology, and for this reason, the Fox News channel is in need of profound change. That the American people not only tolerate it, but honor it with high ratings, is, to my mind, a serious sign of the decline of discourse in this country, and, along with it, the decline of the republic.” If you love Anne’s diaries and Whitley’sjournals, support this site: Subscribe today!

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