Will there be a world food shortage in the future? If we continue to rely on genetically-modified food (which drives out native varieties) and industrial farming, maybe there will.

According to a new report, the world is now eating more food than it can grow, basically due to rising population, as well as global warming, which causes drought and floods (sometimes both). Grain supplies worldwide are at a 30-year low. Fish supplies are running low due to pollution. These statistics represent a recent change, since India, for instance, used to be self-sufficient in rice, meaning it grew enough rice to feed itself, despite its high population level. China has this goal as well, although farming statistics are not always available from that country.

In IPSnews.com, Stephen Leahy quotes Earth Policy Institute president Lester Brown as saying, ?There isn’t much land left on the planet that can be converted into new food-producing areas.? He quotes Canadian National Farmer’s Union head Darrin Qualman as saying, “The 100-mile diet, where people obtain their food from within a 100-mile radius of their homes, makes good sense for most of the world. North America’s industrial-style agricultural system is a really bad idea and maybe the worst on the planet.”

By the way, if you want to buy organic and avoid GM food, here’s what to look for.

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