The Popocatepetl near Mexico City has emitted more than a hundred explosive eruptions in the past 24 hours, causing American carriers to cancel flights in and out of the area.The ashes haven’t reached Mexico City International Airport. But Delta, American Airlines and Alaska Airlines canceled flights that had been scheduled to depart Thursday. At Toluca Airport also outside Mexico City, Spirit Airlines shut down its operations to Fr. Lauderdale and Dallas. Mexican airlines have not shut down their flights, and the US carriers are expected to resume as soon as the ash plumes subside. The current increase in activity began with an extraordinary eruption on June 17.

Increasing tremors around a volcano indicate magma in motion, and vulcanologists have measured 12 hours of  tremors of increasing intensity and frequency. This is characteristic of magma movement. Popocatepetl is 35 miles from parts of Mexico City and could pose a threat to the region if a major eruption takes place. It has also been the location of numerous UFO events, which are captured on the Popo webcam. At present, there has been so much smoke and ash in the air, that the volcano is largely invisible.

In April, park authorities closed the area due to the increasing level of activity. Popo last erupted in 2000, but damage did not affect Mexico city. Under the right circumstances and given a sufficiently intense eruption, areas of the city could be affected by ash fall, but it would take an historic eruption to endanger the metropolis. Popo is among the largest mountains in Mexico, and on a clear day can be seen from the city. is the only news site in the world that follows both the volcanic and UFO activity around Popocatepetl. Are the two related? Nobody can be sure, but there was a rise in UFO activity there prior to the 2000 eruption, and a similar increase is happening now.

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