What’s a flash mob? It starts with a message sent to a list of people telling them all to show up at the same place at the same time and to be prepared to do something crazy, then vanish into thin air. Now it’s gone global.

Michelle Delio writes in wired.com that “this Saturday, at 2 pm local time, people in 76 cities in 32 countries will participate in a global flash to celebrate the first anniversary of what is now a worldwide phenomenon.” The first mob gathered on June 19, 2003.

Delio writes, “Some mobs have joined together to sing Christmas carols. Others have?gathered to link their laptops to form a supercomputer or to pretend to be rug buyers at Macys in New York.” Sometimes flash mobs have been dispersed by the police before they can complete their group project. “Bill,” who started it all, says, “It’s just a mob, for no reason. That’s it, that’s the whole point.”

“Dave,” one of the global organizers, says, “The idea of the East greeting the West and the West greeting the East and everyone coming together has nothing to do with a real flash mob script. Mobs should be silly.”

Mob members have no idea where they should go or what they should do until they?re contacted. Sometimes they don’t receive their instructions (called “the script”) until they arrive at the meeting place. “Tempest,” the Australian organizer, says, “Planning this has been a lot of fun. The script is pretty cool, I think. It should confound a lot of people.”

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Have fun while the sun shines, because this week on Mysterious Powers, Anne Strieber talks to Peter Lorie, who tells why, according to Biblical prophecy, the world may end in the year 2009. Don’t miss this incredible interview!

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