A suspect was arrested in Dade Country, Florida and chargedwith 19 counts of animal cruelty, 19 counts of improperlydisposing of an animal body and 4 counts of burglary in thewave of brutalcat killings that has swept the area in recent weeks.Meanwhile, as reported byEarthfiles.com onMay 24 a resident of Rutland,British Columbia in Canada found a cat bloodlessly cut inhalf and in the first week of June in Cross Roads, Texas, aspaniel was found killed and skinned, and a reward posted.Previous to the Dade County case, nobody has ever beenarrested in connection with a pet mutilation since the firstones were reported in Canada in the 1970s.

Tyler Hayes Weinman, 18, was arrested by Dade Countydetectives at a party in Coral Gables early Sunday morning.He had been under suspicion for two weeks, and had recentlyjoined a Facebook site devoted to helping find the cat killer.

Weinmann’s methodology of gutting the cats and throwing themback into the yards of the owners differed from earlier andmore mysterious mutilations, in that the cats were not driedof all blood or cut in half, but Weinmann may have madeattempts to make his killings look as if they were part ofthe earlier mutilation pattern.

Over the years, thousands of pets, as well as cattle, havebeen mutilated by having their blood removed and beingpenetrated by surgical instruments or, in the case of thepets, neatly sliced in half.

None of these killings has ever been solved, neither the catmutilations nor the cattle mutilations, despite hundreds ofpolice investigations over a forty year period.

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