Researchers have discovered the secret of how elephants communicate. They know that dolphins and whales talk to each other from long distances away. They’ve discovered a parrot that may be able converse like a human being. Now they think that fish talk to each other as well.

In, Charles Q. Choi quotes fish expert Timothy Tricas as saying, “We know so far that at least 1,000 fish species make sounds, with a huge diversity of means by which they generate and listen to sounds. There’s only a handful we know well so far.”

Maybe humans can’t eavesdrop on fish talk because they are WHISPERING to each other. Tricas says, “We?know butterflyfish swim very close together. What we think might be happening is they are essentially whispering, and have to swim close together to listen.”

Fish have the reasoning capacity of a 4- or 5-year-old child. They use logic to figure out their social “pecking order.” In, Robin Lloyd quotes Logan Grosenick as saying, “They are making correct logical inferences on an abstract representation of their world, which would usually be called ‘reasoning’ in humans.”

Lloyd quotes Grosenick?s colleague Russell D. Fernald as saying, “The capacity shown here is a necessary precondition for reasoning, but having this capacity does not mean these fish actually reason or do any other specific logical tasks.”

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