Dreamland Online is on the air–the internet air, that is. This week, the broadcast Dreamland was on tape, and the NEW show is online for the first time. It’s available for your listening pleasure right now by clicking “Listen Now” on the upper right hand side of the masthead. One of Dreamland’s most popular guests, Andrew Collins, talks about his new book, “Tutankhamun: the Exodus Conspiracy,” a brilliant and startling detective story about crucial documents that were found in King Tut’s Tomb and have remained hidden to this day. Here’s how to listen…

Dreamland Online can be heard using Windows Media on PCs, Macs and WebTV. If you get buffering or slow loading because the site is too active, use our backup Live365 site by clicking here. Remember, you can listen anytime, and if you want to stop, just make a note of the time on the player, and you can return to that point later.

Even the most resolute skeptic will be convinced by what Andrew Collins has uncovered?nothing less than the ancient Egyptian version of the story of Exodus. Find out what it says, and why the British government has hidden it, and keeps it in hiding to this day. This is one of the most controversial and explosive Dreamlands ever. If you order the book, look at the illustration of Akhenaten, as he wanted himself portrayed. It will blow your mind! Take a look at Andrew Collins’s website,click here.

We will post the show at 3 pm PST on Saturday, Nov. 23. You do NOT need to be online at exactly 3PM PST on Saturday to hear this. You can listen anytime, and if too many people try to listen at exactly 3, there will not be enough bandwidth and you will get a lot of buffering, or the show won’t start for you at all. If that happens, just wait a while and tune in later. Broadcast Dreamland will be running a tape of an earlier program. The Collins interview will not be broadcast on the radio. For more information, click the Dreamland tab at the top right of our homepage.

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