Scientists have done experiments to make people believe they?ve felt the presence of God by exposing them to a specific series of pulses from TMS magnetism. The subjects described feeling an invisible presence near them or feeling connected to the whole world. Researchers think naturally occurring magnetism could be behind mystical and paranormal experiences, and may be the reason why some places are felt to be sacred.

All perception and thought is based on electrical activity in the brain. If you change the current, you should change the perceptions, since the human brain can?t tell the difference between magnetically stimulated reality and natural reality.

TMS works on principals of electrical current. In 1831, Faraday discovered that a rapidly changing magnetic field can induce electrical current in a nearby conductor. In 1985, this was used to cause twitches in the arm and leg muscles of human subjects. Now it?s being used to investigate basic brain function.

Dr. Michael Persinger thinks TMS could be used for mind control. He?s trying to identify magnetic pulses that cause specific reactions in the brain. One kind of pulse induces a general feeling of well-being, while another creates sexual arousal, and he thinks it might be possible to find one that could trigger the immune system.

Australian researcher Dr. Robyn Young used TMS to increase creativity in the brains of 17 volunteers. Five of them showed an increase in creative skills during the experiment. “We had to hold the experiment in a hospital; the subjects had to be young, with no case history of epilepsy, very healthy subjects,” she says. “?If we had been allowed to zap them harder, we might have had even more remarkable results.”

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