We all know the way to prevent AIDS, but will there ever by a cure? Amazingly enough, a cure that could replace the expensive drugs that patients now have to take for life might be right around the corner.

Like so many scientific discoveries, this one originally came about by “accident.” There are several previous reports of patients becoming virus-free after being treated for leukemia with a bone marrow transplant. The latest example occurred when a man who had been HIV-positive for 10 years developed leukemia. Since he was given a bone marrow transplant 2 years ago, his AIDS has stayed away as well.

In the February 12th edition of the Independent, Jeremy Laurance quotes researcher Gero Hutter as saying, “The difference is that in our patient we had a plan. It was not an accident. It is the longest time someone who has had antiretroviral therapy and stopped has lasted without the virus rebounding. Normally it rebounds within weeks. It is the closest we have come to a cure.” This is incredibly exciting news.

Art credit: freeimages.co.uk

The exciting news for us was that so many of our wonderful subscribers turned up for our chat on Wednesday, February 18. We have an international group of fans?at the end of the chat, someone who was obviously not from this country, typed, “You Americans are a wild bunch!” And we DID go wild?discussing a wide range of topics. Whitley and Anne will be back in the subscriber chat room this Wednesday (on Feb. 25) and they’re really looking forward to talking with all their website friends again!

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