Anthrax-making equipment found in a pond in Maryland, bioweapons buried at nearby Fort Detrick?the FBI has been on a lot of treasure hunts lately. Now Pierre Thomas and Risa Molitz reveal in an exclusive that the government is digging for 10,000 pages of documents, slides and videos that they think former Air Force intelligence officer Brian Regan, who spied for Saddam Hussein, buried in undisclosed locations in the D.C. area.

Regan was convicted in February of attempted espionage for Iraq and China. He was spared the death penalty after a jury concluded he did not provide Iraq with information about nuclear weapons, military satellites or war plans.

He worked for the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), which oversees our spy satellites. The government wants to know how he got hold of so many top secret documents?did he simply walk out of the building with them?

Officials discovered Regan?s cache of documents by accident. Last fall, jail deputies found a collection of his papers written in code and held together by toilet paper tubes and a pen. Regan quickly flushed them down the toilet. About a month later, they found a map in Regan’s cell, which started the FBI’s hunt for buried documents.

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