The FBI have captured Abdullah Al Muhajir, a U.S. citizen with ties to al-Quaeda, who planned to explode a radioactive ?dirty bomb? in Washington, D.C. FBI Director Robert Mueller says the bomb plot was still in the “discussion stage.”

Al Muhajir (who changed his name from Jose Padilla when he joined al-Quaeda) was captured on May 8 as he flew into O’Hare International Airport in Chicago from Pakistan. The FBI was tracking him as he flew back and forth between Pakistan, Egypt and Switzerland.

“While in Afghanistan and Pakistan, Al Muhajir trained with the enemy, including studying how to wire explosive devices and researching radiological dispersion devices,? Attorney General John Ashcroft says. ?Al Qaeda officials knew that as a citizen of the United States, as a citizen of the United States holding a valid U.S. passport, Al Muhajir would be able to travel freely in the United States without drawing attention to himself.”

A dirty bomb is the kind of weapon the government expects terrorists to set off in the U.S., since it doesn?t take sophisticated launching equipment, is small enough to be smuggled in easily, and can be made of discarded medical waste or blackmarket nuclear material. It?s main effect would be the dispersal of radioactivity via the wind and, to a lesser extent, water supplies. It would effect a limited area, so it would be more likely to be detonated inside a large city. It could shut down Washington, D.C. for several months while the radioactivity was cleaned up, meaning the Federal Government would have to convene elsewhere for the duration. Ashcroft says, “To our enemies, I say we will continue to be vigilant against all threats, whether they come from overseas or at home in America.”

Interestingly enough, Psi-Tech, the website newsletter for remote viewers, predicted attacks like this in a report issued October 6. The report states, ?We began gathering data on September 11th, immediately after the World Trade Center attacks. There are currently 14 advanced level Technical Remote viewers working on this project (to provide intelligence data on future terrorist activities).?

The remote viewing task force worked on 3 different targets: The next planned attack against the U.S., the next catastrophic attack against the U.S. and the identities of the masterminds behind the 911 attacks.

For the future planned attack, the remote viewers reported ?an inconspicuous detonation into vulnerable resources resulting in an insidious delivery of toxins (which could describe a dirty bomb).? They go on to say, ?There was an attack planned, which was to take place during a scheduled event involving a crowd of people. The attack appeared as though it was aimed at a sports event in a stadium type structure?Part of the planned attack on America was to create ?economic dissonance.?? The FBI thinks the dirty bomb plan was targeted at Washington, but it may have been planned for the World Series in October or some similar major sports event.

The viewers focusing on the catastrophic attack reported that the future attacks ?involve using natural resources as weapons, like infiltrating water supplies using air and/or wind. The idea of condensation is also present?The Chicago area was singled out as a near-term attack site.? So maybe the perpetrator wasn?t going to move on to D.C. but planned to stay right there in Chicago.

The viewers looking for plot masterminds reported that they ?had a series of attacks planned (that were) intended to strike as singular catastrophic events in key regions around the United States?The goal is to terrorize and devastate Americans in the belly of their own soil.? The report goes on to say, ?The mastermind is not of the same mindset as his army (which they describe as being ?zealots convinced they have a higher mission?). He is contemplative, deliberate and diabolical. He feels that his purpose is to fulfill a cataclysmic and historical role.? This describes what we know of bin Laden perfectly. Since he is dying of kidney disease, he may feel he has to make his mark in history without delay. Kidney failure can effect mental functioning, so he may not be thinking clearly.

This FBI announcement comes just in time to save their reputation, after weeks of revelations that the FBI ignored the many warnings they received about September 11. We hope this is a real story and not just a face-saving puff piece and that the FBI is becoming productive and efficient once again. On Dreamland, we?ve interviewed many veterans of the secret military remote viewing program and have learned that these people have played a vital role in intelligence operations. Let?s hope their skills are being used in our new assault against our invisible terrorist enemy, because we?ve never needed them more than we do now.

To read the Psi-Tech report, click here.

Want to know what the government is keeping secret? The researcher who digs up classified government secrets and tells all is John Greenewald in his CD-Rom ?The Black Vault?, click here.

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