If you’re eating too many fatty foods, your brain will change (one thing that may happen is you’ll start to FIGHT with your spouse!) A high-fat diet causes new brain cells to sprout in an area of the brain that seems to regulate eating. It works that way in mice, anyway: If the researchers stopped the new brain-cell growth, the mice gained less weight and stayed more active, even while eating a "supersized" diet.

We already know that high-fat diets aren’t healthy, but here’s some positive news: Popcorn is GOOD for You!

When we go to the movies, most of us like to eat popcorn–but is it healthy? While the trans fats that often coat it aren’t healthy, plain popcorn is an excellent snack: Scientists say that it contains more of the healthful antioxidant substances called "polyphenols" than fruits and vegetables.

The hulls of the popcorn–the part that everyone hates for its tendency to get caught in the teeth–actually have the highest concentration of polyphenols and fiber. Researcher Joe Vinson says, "Those hulls deserve more respect. They are nutritional gold nuggets."

Whether you’re overdosing on hamburgers or on more healthy food, if you’re eating too much, you need HELP! Well, help is here, you need to download Anne Strieber’s famous diet book, "What I Learned From the Fat Years." Using scientific principles, she devised a diet that helped her to lose 100 pounds and YOU CAN TOO, and at less than $5, it costs MUCH LESS than the ineffective diet books you’ll find in stores.

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