Newswise – It is time to scare away the myth that says that overweight children with type II diabetes can’t enjoy Halloween because of their disease. The truth is they can still enjoy sweets as long as they keep their meal plan in check and follow their health provider’s orders. Children with diabetes can enjoy any holiday?and the traditional treats?by planning ahead. And remember, if your kids are old enough to read they can learn good eating habits from Anne Strieber’s diet book. Make sure they read the previous chapter, on SWEETS.

Dr. Lori Laffel says, “By incorporating flexibility into diabetes treatment plans, Halloween can be just as fun for kids with diabetes as for other children.” Youngsters and parents should calculate the grams of carbohydrates (“carbs”) in treats and, if needed, use extra insulin, such as rapid acting insulin, to match extra food intake and keep blood glucose levels as close to normal as possible. For example, one chocolate bar contains about 15 grams of carbohydrates, which is equivalent to the amount of carbohydrate in one-half cup of potatoes. For diabetics, potatoes are just as bad as candy, since both turn to sugar inside the body.

Anne Strieber adds this advice: Part of the fun of Halloween is all the different kinds of treats you get by going door to door in costume. kids can enjoy a larger variety of candy if they eat just a small bit of each one. The trick to doing this is to cut off a small piece for the child to eat then immediately THROW THE REST AWAY in a place where he can’t get at it.

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