There are some amazing discoveries being made. For instance, you’ll soon be able to control many appliances with a wave of your hand. What if you could control the music coming through your earphones by moving your eyes?

Not only WAVE your hand: tapping your arm or hand with a finger could control your TV (and other appliances) as well. In BBC News, Mark Ward quotes “Skinput” inventor Chris Harrison as saying, “The human body is the ultimate input device. In the future your hand could be your iPhone and your handset could be watch-sized on your wrist.”

In, Peter Svensson reports on eye-controlled earphones have electrodes around the outside of the ear buds that detect any movement of your eyes, which would be great for jogging or for using some of the two-handed machines at the gym.

We’re used to seeing people who seem to be talking to themselves (but are actually using in-ear cell phones). Now we’ll have to get used to people who seem to be rolling their eyes for no apparent reason.

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