As a heatwave so extreme that it was being called a once in3,000 year event was ending Adelaide, Australia, a giganticand deadly winter storm slammed half the United States,causing historic flooding in Missouri and Arkansas andleaving at least 13 dead.

The Adelaide heat wave caused 15 straight days of over 35 C.heat, and, according to Atmospheric scientist Warwick Grace,this is only likely to happen in this area of mild climate once inthirty centuries.

As predicted on, fearsome winter stormscontinued to strike the United States as warm air surged upfrom the overheated Gulf of Mexico, sucked northward by apowerful cold front.

The latest storm, of almost unprecedented size, affected 25states, effectively half the country. 100 mile an hour windsshut down Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, and airtravel was thrown into chaos almost everywhere east of theMississippi River.

Torrential rains caused ultra-fast flooding, and areas ofMissouri and Arkansas experienced floods being described as’historic’ in their magnitude.

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