More UFOs are showing up in Canada. Diana Luca and her mother were sitting in her kitchen when they looked out the window and spotted a UFO. It was shaped like a Frisbee and red and shiny. Luca says, “It still freaks me out. I could see it flying behind the trees and on top of the shorter trees.” Luca called to her husband Mark Murphy to come look. When he saw the UFO, he grabbed his camcorder and filmed it. In The Vancouver Courier, reporter Naoibh O’Connor describes the tape: “From the right side of the screen, a small, shiny object moves towards the center, then heads rapidly towards the camera. As it gets closer, it becomes a round, black form that vibrates slightly, at one point turning on its side, giving it the cigar shape. Murphy loses sight of it several times and is forced to refocus to recapture the object on film. It zips across the screen so quickly on another occasion that it can only be seen later, when Murphy watches the tape in slow motion.”

“It’s something I’ll never forget for the rest of my life?I was in shock,” Murphy says. “The clarity of this is just incredible. I heard about UFOs but had written [them] off in my head. I’m a skeptical kind of person who has to touch it to believe it, but now I’m not too certain.”

The National UFO Reporting Center in Seattle, Washington received two UFO sightings from Vancouver last year. On October 31, at 3 a.m., someone reported seeing red, orange, green, blue, yellow and white lights rotating under and around the edges of a UFO. It was silent and moving in “more of a hover, almost a slight wobble from too low a speed. It had to be enormous in size.” The wobble the witness described is the characteristic “falling leaf” motion which is seen in many UFOs.On February 12, at 9 p.m., they heard from someone who described himself as a “harsh critic of aliens and all that stuff.” He lives on the 16th floor of an apartment building and looked out the window to see a UFO flying over some buildings. He noticed that the lights weren’t blinking, as they would be on an airplane, but were “constantly beaming a hazy sort of weird whitish/yellowish light.”

He said, “At first I didn’t see the three lights on the triangular craft until it very, very slowly, and I stress silently, without the smallest sound, just hovered towards my building. I mean anything made by man that flies [less than a mile] away has to make a sound.”

He wanted to take a picture of it, but couldn’t find a camera, so he ran out of his apartment to get a closer look. He saw the craft travel vertically into the sky, remain stationary for a moment, then zip out of sight. He says, “Some other people saw this downstairs and they didn’t care. They said it’s no big deal, probably some governmental plane. But what would a governmental plane be doing in downtown Vancouver?”

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