On December 13, Unknowncountry reported aUFO explosionover the Chinese city of Lanzhou, and similar explosionstook place over Jakarta last night. In both cases, it hasbeen assumed that the objects were meteors, but it is unsualthat the same general area of the planet would be struck byexploding meteors over a week period. Normally, meteorshowers are spread across the surface of the planet as itrotates.

At 7:30 this morning Jakarta time, local military radarsrecorded an object incoming from above. Moments later, aloud explosion was heard over the city, and witnessesreported seeing a bright object streaking toward the ground.A witness in Bogor south of Jakarta reported that he hadseen the object hit earth.

In recent weeks, the US State Department has been warningthat a terrorist attack was possible in Indonesia, but nocasualties were reported after the explosions, which werebelieved due to the incoming objects.

Meteor sounds are generally described as whining, whistling,or screaming noises as the objects pass through theatmosphere. Explosions are not unusual, and meteors also attimes create sonic booms.

The peak of the annual Geminid meteor shower took place onDecember 13. The Geminids are not generally associated withlarge, explodiing bolides.

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