An ancient manuscript written in the 4th Century BC that was found in Tibet by the Chinese in a bundle of Sanskrit documents contains directions for building interstellar spaceships with a method of propulsion that is anti-gravitational. It’s described as “a centrifugal force strong enough to counteract all gravitational pull.” The machines described are called “astras.” The text says ancient Indians were able to travel to any planet, and even mentions a planned trip to the moon!

The propulsion method described resembles laghima, which refers to the power the ego. Hindu Yogis claim that a person’s laghima is what allows his body to levitate. It also tells the secrets of antima (invisibility) and garima (a way of making one’s body as heavy as “a mountain of lead”).

The only one not surprised by this story will be William Henry, who writes about the space travels of the ancients.

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