An extraordinary discovery of European stone tools along the eastern seaboard of the United States indicates that Europeans reached American shores 10,000 years before Siberians came across the ancient Alaskan land bridge.

That doesn’t excuse the way we treated the Indians, but it does reveal that America was first discovered by Stone Age Europeans (the Solutrean cultures of France and what is now Spain). Chemical analysis of a European-style stone knife found in Virginia in 1971 revealed that it was made of flint from France.

The largest amount of evidence is likely to come from under the ocean, because most of the areas where the Solutreans would have stepped off the ice onto dry land are now up to 100 miles out to sea.

The Solutreans were probably eclipsed because they had only had a 4,500 year long Ice Age period during which they could migrate, while Asians (who became our Native Americans–NOTE: Subscribers can listen to this extraordinary interview and to this one too) had 15,000 years to come here over the land bridge.

At the peak of the Ice Age, around three million square miles of the North Atlantic was covered in thick ice for all or part of the year. When the Asians arrived, they either obliterated the Europeans or absorbed them.

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