Just as Whitley Strieber and Art Bell predicted in Superstorm 14 years ago, climate scientists are now warning that Europe is about to become the target of gigantic storms, some of them on the scale of Superstorm Sandy.

On the Common Dreams website, Andrea Germanos quotes climatologist Jeff Masters as saying, "Global warming brings a warmer Atlantic Ocean," and will create "more frequent and intense hurricanes following pathways directed towards Europe."

Hurricanes which form farther to the east can spend more time over warm tropical waters before turning north and northeast towards Europe, increasing the odds that these storms will have hurricane-force winds when they arrive in Europe.

Most of the these storms will not be tropical hurricanes upon arrival in Europe, but will be former hurricanes that have transitioned to extratropical storms. However, as we saw with Hurricane Sandy of 2012, these hybrid storms can be extremely dangerous. One of these storms brought hurricane-force winds and high waves to Western Europe at the end of February 2010.

Germanos quotes geoscientist Michael Oppenheimer as saying, "It’s not a pretty picture. Hurricanes could become more intense as the Earth warms. They are frightening, destructive and extremely costly, and we expect future hurricanes to leave an even greater trail of damage in their wake."

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