SOME countries do, anyway – There’s been a tidal wave of UFO disclosure recently, but European governments say this still isn’t enough: One EU official is urging other member governments to open their secret files on UFOs.

Italian EU representative Mario Borghezio says the EU not only needs its own space program (which it has), it needs its own archive of UFO information that anyone can access, including military data (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show).Associated Press reporter Stephanie Fleming quotes Borghezio as saying that if this information was made public, it could have “major scientific and technological spinoffs. I think that, under the principle of transparency, the EU member states have a duty to make public and available to all scientific data on UFOs which today are partially or wholly withheld.” One problem: There are 736 members of the EU assembly, but he has only been able to gather 18 signatures for his proposal.

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