While the West searches for planets that may contain life, the Chinese say that aliens are not only real, they are living amongst us. Since Communists reject the idea of God, Chinese spokespeople say that our religious dogma has led us to deny the ET reality. They compare this to earlier, Western medieval beliefs (influenced by religion) that the world was flat or that the sun revolved around the Earth (instead of vice-versa).

In the Canadian, Paul Chen talks about the 1971 UFO sighting of retired government official Sun Shili, who is now president of the Beijing UFO Research Society. He saw "a bright object in the sky, which rose and feel repeatedly." Chen quotes physicist Shen Shituan as saying, ”Some of these sightings are real, some are fake and with others its unclear. All these phenomena are worth researching.”

Meanwhile, the 2011 Global Competitiveness Forum conference panel on Outer Space has opened the door for world business leaders to seriously consider the implications of evidence concerning UFOs and extraterrestrial life. At the panel discussion "Contact: Learning from Outer Space," Stanton Friedman, Michio Kaku, Nick Pope and Jacques Vallee used empirical evidence and logical reasoning to make compelling cases for the existence of living beings elsewhere in the galaxy. (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to these shows). Hey, if they’re here, why not SELL them something?

And if aliens really are here, why don’t we HEAR more from them? A UC listener who operates a radio telescope explains it this way: "The fact of the matter is unless you know just where to look for a Modern Multiplexed RF (radio frequency) Signal its largely indistinguishable from noise even at short distances, much less interstellar ones; a modern 8PSK radio signal has a very low Transmit power relative to even a few years ago, and even with a relatively high TX Power of Say 75DBW at the feed horn; that is immediately suppressed by the 200db drop in space loss you get leaving the Antenna, so the power reaching the space craft is very low, of course modern receivers can pick up and retransmit these tiny signals, but they are specifically tuned to do so, in terms of frequency, span and filtering.

"The time period wherein we here on Earth were beaming into space easily identified and reconstructed signals is already over here, and it lasted less than 100 years. Today most of the identifiable signals, versys digital ones, would come from Ham Operators and other armatures, but most people are using pretty well encrypted cell phones. It is possible SETI might find something, but I have always rather doubted it given their protocol. And what about some Alien SETI? Given the RF interference the sun generates, and the difficulties I described above, we might well appear to an Alien SETI like a rather oddly over active Yellow star in the RF range, but not necessarily anomalously so. Unless an alien civilization purposely put up a beacon that they meant be discovered for a rather long time, I think its hardly unlikely we will find ET via the medium of RF. And it’s how I make my living."

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