Did five people have to die because US biological weapon researchers wanted to receive more money for their work? Greenpeace magazine feels this dreadful assumption may be likely, based on statements from members of a U.S. government delegation.

During the UN bioweapons conference taking place at present in Geneva, the participants of the U.S. delegation said that a high-ranking U.S. biology weapons expert is behind the anthrax letters. Independent researchers also share this suspicion, Greenpeace magazine reported on Wednesday.

According to the magazine, the U.S. government has secret information about the presumed offender and the lab from which the deadly anthrax spores came. They suspect that the assassin wanted to force an increase in the budget for U.S. weapons research with his deadly anthrax letters.

Barbara Rosenberg, U.S. biologist and adviser to former president Bill Clinton, as well as Hamburg bioweapons expert Jan von Aken of the ?Sunshine Project,? explained why the anthrax letters could not have come from the Middle East. The spores in the letter to Democratic majority leader Senator Tom Daschle were mixed with Trocknungsmittel silica, which is used by the secret biological weapons program in the U.S. However, other countries, such as Iraq, use Bentonit, made from clay, [to prevent the anthrax spores from clumping].

The investigation is focused on a 50-year-old professor of microbiology at the elite Harvard University in the U.S. who was deeply involved in the American biological weapons program. According to media reports, he disappeared on the 16th of November in a mysterious way. However, the police and the FBI do not have proof that he was involved.

We are doubtful about whether the sender of the death letters intended killing the recipients. A warning was enclosed in some of the letters, as well as instructions to immediately begin antibiotics therapy. Therefore, Rosenberg assumes that only panic and fear were intended.

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